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National Cabinet’s manufacturers produce products that fit perfectly with the multi-family industry. While most of the products are geared for market rate or low income rental projects, there are offerings of higher end products to handle the clubhouse/leasing office cabinetry as well.

NCC has an agreement relationship with several major cabinet manufacturers. This allows NCC to provide its customers with more available options than most. Our cabinets partners range in size from $200 million in revenues to specialized local market manufacturers in the $10 million production range.

NCC’s goal is to provide customers with unique products at the lowest cost, while at the same time directing its customers to the product that will provide the greatest return for the least capital expenditure.


  • All of NCC’s suppliers have general lead times from 3-5 weeks.
  • Replacements for damages and/or missing parts are within 5-7 working days.
  • While the basis of its business model is to ship half to full truckload quantities for each delivery, there are options for shipping one to several kitchens at a time when the situation requires so.

Core Cabinetry

With the quality gap sharply closing between most stocking manufacturers, NCC has aligned itself with the most competitive manufacturers of stock cabinetry in the industry while maintaining a high level of quality in its products.

The stock manufacturers NCC represents focus on the builder/multi family customer. By dialing in on the basic door styles and SKU’s that make up 80% of cabinet orders, these manufacturers are able to produce at the most competitive pricing, and turn the product around in consistent lead times from 2-3 weeks.

We can line up 8 doors from 8 different stocking manufacturers, of the same style and color, and it would be very hard to find a difference among them. What separates NCC from its competition is that we have joined forces with manufacturers producing that like product cheaper than the rest.

Severe Use Cabinetry

National Cabinet Company offers a 50 state government approved HUD and HPD specified cabinets.

These cabinets consist of:

  • An all wood cabinet box
  • A ¾” thick all wood drawer box with galvanized steel glides
  • Pressure treated toe kick bases
  • Fixed shelving
  • 180 degree hinging
  • Various door style options, allowing for a stylish look while maintaining a high integrity product for the severe use needs.

European Style Cabinetry

In certain markets, NCC’s clients have specifications for Frameless European style cabinets. In certain geographic markets, NCC can fulfill these requests at highly competitive pricing.

Supporting Products


NCC has a synergistic relationship with a granite exporter with the goal of being able to supply granite for projects at extremely competitive pricing while at the same allowing a one-stop shop relationship for cabinets and countertops.


NCC supplies cabinet hardware at extremely competitive pricing, and can drop ship directly to any address

Design options
Wood options